Microscopes should receive routine maintenance once or twice a year, at intervals depending on their use. Microtek
performs this maintenance service, which includes:
Microtek specializes in microscope repair. Our experts work on all brands of
microscopes in house, so you're back up and running in no time.
Our Quality Guarantee:
We pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent
service. Our experts are experienced technicians dedicated to
keeping your epuipment running in optimal condition. After 35 years
in the microscope business, we are confident that you will be happy
with our work - we guarantee it!
  • Thorough cleaning of all optical surfaces
  • Lubrication of moving mechanisms
  • Adjustments/Realignments/Calibration
  • Cleaning of all external surfaces
    Replacement Bulbs
   We also stock replacement bulbs for all brands of   microscopes.