The perfect choice for dental, surgical, veterinary, jewelry, and industrial professionals.
The new and improved Loupes from LW Scientific feature more ergonomic, lightweight sport frames, as
well as higher-resolution, scratch-resistant, anti-glare glass optics. Using loupes reduces eyestrain and
fatigue and improves quality and patient care. The flip-up optics and quick-width adjustment makes these
loupes more comfortable to wear and easy to share. The 2.5x loupes are recommended for most users
and especially beginners, because the wide field of view and huge 3-D depth of focus makes them easy to
work under. The economical price is affordable for any dental lab technician, dental hygienist, electronics
QC inspector, veterinary technician, or jewelry maker, and the quality is up to the standards of surgeons
and doctors.
Just like a zoom lens on a camera, the variable loupes allow the user to work close up with higher
magnification, or far away with lower magnification and a wider field, as well as for diopter adjustments
between left and right eyes. Perfect for multi-application users.
Clip-on loupes work on most prescription glasses.