Microtek NW makes dust covers for your microscope or any instrument you want to protect. Our dust covers are
anti-static, well made, washable covers that will last the lifetime of your microscope. Printing available for an extra
charge.  Available in White or Royal Blue. Custom dust cover made upon request.
Dust Cover MT-004
Dust Cover MT-010
Dust Cover Sizing
     Made in The U.S.A.
Custom Covers Made
Upon Request
      Part #   
Fits stereos on plain base. 15" wide x 17" high.
Fits stereos on light bases and small compounds. 20" wide
x 18" high.
Fits standard size compounds. 22" wide x 21" high.
Fits compounds with vertical illuminators and/or cameras.
9" wide x 19" deep x 23" high.
Fits compounds with large format cameras & fluorescent
attachments. 11" wide x 25" deep x 26" high.