Compound Microscopes
MT4000 Series
Meiji Techno
Microtek NW offers a wide range of compound microscopes from Meiji and Fein Optics to fit
your budget and application needs.
Plus video and digital camera attachments for all applications.
We stock replacement bulbs for all brands of microscopes.
RB30 Laboratory Biological Microscope
RB40 LED Florescent Upright Microscope
RB-50 Florescent Biological Microscope

  • Middle school through advanced college
  • Home school packages
  • Hobbyists
  • Medical
  • Veterinary
  • Laboratory
  • Dermatology
Research and Lab
  • Brightfield, Achromat, Semi-plan and Plan Optics
  • Phase Contrast
  • Epi-Fluorescent
  • Inverted